Trying to Deal with Baldness

When I started going bald, I tried to deal with it in different ways. First I tried to comb the remaining hair over it, which was acceptable for a while, but when my hair would move, the thin spots of my scalp would show. I tried filling in the thin spots with a powdery substance, which was pretty annoying because I couldn’t touch my head, and the powder went everywhere. I even tried an unnatural looking wig and felt stupid. A friend suggested that I try a top DHT blocker to grow back the hair that I’ve lost.

I wasn’t too keen on taking any supplements to grow back hair, because I wasn’t sure if they would work or have some kind of unwanted effect on me. My friend let me in on a little secret that he had been hiding for quite some time. He had been using a blocker for years because he started to go bald before I did. He assured me that the blocker would be totally safe and I would even get great results from it, because he was able to do so. He was pretty much a living testimony that the blocker could work, so I took his word for it.

The results from trying one of the blockers were astounding. My hair grew back into place and I didn’t have to try anymore of those stupid techniques to hide thin spots. It’s a good thing that my friend told me about the blocker, because my next attempt at dealing with baldness was going to be shaving my head. While some people can pull of the bald look, I don’t think I’m one of them. I’d rather have a full head of hair that I can comb, style, and run my fingers through on occasion.