The Best Place for Dental Work Abroad

I was recently over in europe and I needed a fair bit of dental work done. I am not familiar with the United Kingdom so I was not really sure where to go to have this work done. Sure I could just go to your every day dentists office but that probably wouldn’t be very ideal for me or the dentist as my insurance probably wouldn’t work at the local shop. I stumbled on a site that goes by They were pretty awesome, they made it very clear what insurances they accepted and even made a seperate list of insurances for people from other countries. I thought this was very nice, he did not have to do that but he chose to. To me that says a lot about the man. I simply love it when people abroad are nice to americans, we see so much hate towards us when we are travelling that it gets kind of old and it makes you sort of bitter.

Seeing someone that doesn’t hate us and actually goes out of their way to accomodate us in even the smallest way, is a refreshing feeling. I can not tell you how many restaurants or stores I’ve went into and they just flat out refused to serve me because I was an American. We would never do that to foreigners over here in America, I don’t know why we are treated so badly abroad. Luckily it was not enough to ruin my trip, I still had a great time over there in the United Kingdom and I definitely recommend you check out this site if you find yourself in need of some dental work while you’re out and about. Even if not in the UK, I’m sure that there are similar sites for the other countries out there.