Sexual Health and American Education

As Americans, the vast majority of us went through the public or a private education system. A person might think, on looking from the outside, that we learn everything that we may need in order to become productive and functioning members of society when we step out those doors. Unfortunately this is not entirely the case, especially in the area of sexual education. I’ve been hoping for a cure for herpes for longer than I would like to think on, all because both my parents and the education system failed me when I needed them most. Sure, I knew exactly what Herpes was then and I knew that a person could contract the disease through having unprotected sex with someone but I had no idea whatsoever that Herpes could be passed on from oral Herpes to the genitals.

This small but incredibly important piece of knowledge was utterly withheld from us as children, despite the fact that we were forced to attend several Health classes and even classes that were specifically focused on sexual education and sexually transmitted diseases. It would be easy to want to blame my parents but even they didn’t know about it. How can any education system consider itself worthy to be considered an education center if they do not offer the students there some of the most improtant facts that they are going to need in their lives. I’m angry, I admit it. I’m angry because I have had to spend the last ten years of my life admitting to women that I am in fact infected with Herpes. The burning shame that fills me has never diminished despite the numerous times that I have had to go through the process. It doesn’t get easier. My one wish is for a cure that allows me to live a normal life that I was taken away from me when I was only sixteen years old.