Mediation is Just One of Their Services

I work in the Human Resources department of a large hospital. We are the ones that receive the major complaints that are aimed at our staff. Sometimes, these complaints come from patients, and other times they come from fellow employees. The complaints can be against doctors, nurses, administrative staff, or even patients themselves. While we let our legal team handle the more serious issues, we have found that we can handle the smaller ones. We perform colleague and patient feedback with the help of an outside company. This has helped resolve a lot of the issues because the company we hired is neutral, and they are only looking at the facts to reach a conclusion.

While we have used them for many things, what I have found most helpful is their mediation services. We have had a number of past issues where building tension has provided an unhealthy work environment not only for the people involved but the others in their departments as well. Rather than let these build, we prefer to nip them in the bud as soon as we catch wind of what may be occurring. Because of how we handle these issues, I think more end up being brought to us than would have otherwise.

The mediation has repaired most of the working relationships that have been hurt by differing opinions and attitudes. The company that performs these mediation sessions have a clear outline of what will occur during a mediation, and they are trained in reaching an agreement between the two sides. We live in a black and white world, but the mediation does allow for a bit of gray to come in when both parties realize the importance of reaching an agreement. While we do use many of the services of this company, this is perhaps the most effective!