Fixing My Smile Once and for All

Growing up I was never a fan of the way that my teeth looked. While they were perfectly straight, I had noticeable gaps between all of my teeth. Because they were not crooked and impacting against other teeth, my parents decided that I didn’t need braces to fix my smile. As I got older I knew I wanted to do something to fix it. The only problem is that as an adult it can be embarrassing to have braces. Thankfully I discovered and how they would help my smile look perfect once and for all.

They made me aware that there are actually invisible braces which work great for people just like me. They gradually shift the teeth over just like normal braces would, but they are clear so that nobody can see them. The way it works is quite interesting. They take ended up taking am old of my teeth, and then using a computer to show me how my teeth will shift into place, forming my new smile when they were done. It would be a aligner that I would wear most of the days, only taking out during meal time.

I would need to make regular visits to make sure the braces were working properly. Typically the appointment is once a month. Overall the entire process will take as long as two years. But in the end it worth it to finally remove the gaps from between my teeth. I never quite understood how my teeth could all be shifted over while remaining perfectly straight, but thanks to my invisible braces it actually worked how it was supposed to. No longer was a self conscious about the gaps between my teeth, and the process was so gradual that nobody noticed at first unless I pointed it out.