Mediation is Just One of Their Services

I work in the Human Resources department of a large hospital. We are the ones that receive the major complaints that are aimed at our staff. Sometimes, these complaints come from patients, and other times they come from fellow employees. The complaints can be against doctors, nurses, administrative staff, or even patients themselves. While we let our legal team handle the more serious issues, we have found that we can handle the smaller ones. We perform colleague and patient feedback with the help of an outside company. This has helped resolve a lot of the issues because the company we hired is neutral, and they are only looking at the facts to reach a conclusion. (more…)

Setting Ourselves Free from Aging

For those of you who have tried every product out on the market but haven’t had any luck with the products that are currently on the market, you’re in luck. Recently I came across this Vinevera Skin Care Solution product which I gave a try. I’m a fan of those technologies that work not to enhance the features of our skin in order to bring about a semblance of youth but instead rather seek to reverse the damage that the natural process of aging has caused. This is what Vine Vera seeks to do by utilizing Resveratrol within their cream.

If you haven’t heard of Resveratrol, it’s a natural occurring chemical most often found in red grapes (and wine, of course) that has been the subject of plenty of research as of late due to it’s natural anti-aging properties. (more…)